We Use Limewater, Not Lime Water :)

One of the key ingredients in our Diaper Cleanser and Moisturizer is Limewater. But if you search for Limewater on Google or another search engine, you may find confusing definitions. So let’s demystify this together. What IS Limewater and why is it such an important ingredient in our product?

Limewater vs. Lime Water:

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 Overview of pH Levels

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Why is there Limewater in our Diaper Cleanser and Moisturizer?

Each ingredient we use has a purpose and solves a diaper change challenge. Limewater's property as an alkaline solution is used for cleansing the skin and also to address and counteract urine acidity - one of the leading causes of diaper rash. Consider this: 

  • Babies and toddlers urinate between 6 and 12 times throughout the day. The pH of urine is around 6 (acidic versus neutral (pH=7). Urine hitting the skin at this frequency can lead to irritation and redness.
  • Acidity in urine may also come from mom's diet (especially if mom is breastfeeding), and the baby or toddler's diet. Interestingly, according to research from R Counahan and J Walker-Smith, a greater proportion of breast-fed infants had a pH lower than the mean (pH <6).
  • Note: while commonly believed that teething leads to urine acidity (as a bodily response from this change) and produces diaper rash, we haven’t found any evidence in scientific literature and expert reports to concretely support this.

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