Doing More Good With Less


NOLEO began with a dad’s quest for safe diaper care products and has grown into a mission to improve the personal care industry by showing what’s possible without toxins, mile-long ingredient lists, and unnecessary plastic pollution.


We care deeply about what goes on your family’s skin (and ours)

Our rules for ingredient safety are simple: Everything we put in our products is extensively researched. If there are potential or unknown risks associated with an ingredient, you won’t find it in our skincare products. If we wouldn’t use it on our own families, we won’t sell it.


We must clean up our environment to ensure our children’s future

It’s no secret that the personal care industry is responsible for a significant amount of plastic pollution. We’re working to change that by creating products that reduce the number of products needed to care for your family’s skin and offering biodegradable wet wipe alternatives and glass packaging whenever possible. As we continue to grow, we’ll make significant strides to improve our footprint.

We are setting new standards
in family skin care

About Our Founders

Meet the chemists behind NOLEO who never settle for less than the best when it comes to safety and ingredients.


When I first learned I was going to be a dad, I became very concerned with the ingredients I was seeing on labels and, even more so, when I realized that most didn’t know of their risks. So, I started NOLEO. Of course there is more to the story than just that.

- Nico Chery
NOLEO Co-founder


Hello. I'm Nico. A chemical engineer and former investment banker responsible for financing renewable energy projects across the U.S. now powering over 1 million homes each year. Those experiences helped define my values and have led me to my greatest adventure yet - creating NOLEO to disrupt the way we think about personal care. But my most important job? Being the best example I can be for my two little girls. Though I was born in the south of France, I’ve found my permanent happy place in San Diego, where a surfing session is just a short drive away. My childhood claim to fame is being named the youngest Judo black belt in France, and I’m excited to share my passion for the sport with my kids.


Hello. I’m Lucas. A chemical engineer and innovator, I currently live in Paris, my hometown. For 15 years, I launched beauty products for the most discerning consumers in Europe and Asia. And NOLEO products have been developed to this standard. Despite living in the city of love, I still haven't found my other half yet. But it also means that I can spend more time supporting parents in their journey to safer personal care products. When I am not in front of my computer, I enjoy building up my list of top coffee spots in town. A fun fact about me: I am so bad at singing that I blush when I do.

Advocating for transparency in personal care products