Break the Cycle of Diaper Rash Naturally

With 5 natural ingredients, our 3-in-1 Diaper Care thoroughly cleans, soothes away redness, and leaves a barrier layer that protects your baby’s sensitive skin from irritation — all while you diaper as usual.


Easy-Peasy Diaper Care

Bye-Bye Rashes

Ingredients You Can Count On One Hand

NOLEO 3-in-1 Diaper Care is a blend of five organic ingredients that were carefully selected for their ability to get the job done without health risks to you or your baby. Make the switch to safe, effective diaper care today.

The Easiest Non-Toxic Swap In Your Diaper Bag

Between the harsh ingredients in diaper products and rash-causing residues left behind by wet wipes, many parents struggle to keep their baby’s diaper area clean and healthy. We created our 3-in-1 Diaper Care to make ditching wipes and toxic diaper care products easy.

Replace the tubes, bottles, and pouches with one product that does it all!

NOLEO DUO - Diaper Rash Treatment for Butt Rash

NOLEO 3-IN-1 - Diaper Rash Cream - EWG Verified (40% Off)

NOLEO Baby Box - NOLEO 3-IN-1, Organic Cotton Pads, Refillable Travel Bottle

If I could give this ten stars, I would. My kiddos have sensitive skin and we use cloth diapers and wipes. Most store bought wipes and other solutions we’ve tried (California Baby, Balm! Juice wipe solution, homemade solutions), just don’t work for us. They either leave their skin feeling tacky and unclean, or they irritate their skin.

Ashley N.

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Works really well, especially on super messy diapers! Leaves skin feeling nice and soft. The cotton pads are AWESOME!

Tiffany R.

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I love it and recommend to any parent to get a few bottles and to use it without a worry, we put some on the small spaces between the chubby cute Michelin tires of my baby’s legs and neck and it’s safe and healthy, keeps his skin hydrated and irritation free.

Pedro P.

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