What it takes to reinvent the diaper care industry

We believe the personal care industry - and specifically the baby care industry - is broken. For more on why, visit our About Us page. 

When we considered this venture, we saw three opportunities available to us as a small company to challenge the approach used by larger consumer goods corporations to get high-quality, yet affordable, skin care products into the marketplace. These were:

  • Absolute understanding of what we, our families, and our little ones need in personal care products (nothing less, nothing more);
  • Expertise in product formulation and product/consumer benefits inside and out;
  • Ability to change consumers' understanding and control each component of our process, from ingredients to manufacturing.

Here's how we intend to start our revolution to fix the way personal care is done:

  1. Educate the consumers on ingredients used in personal care products: their actual benefits, the purpose they serve, and the risks identified in scientific literature, in the context of each application.
  2. Provide the kind of transparency that truly matters to consumers. We believe most self-proclaimed natural personal care companies aren’t that different from the companies they try to displace. More commonly, they pursue minute formula improvements, accompanied by a much higher price tag and loud marketing campaigns. And when it comes to the claims you see on bottles, it is very hard to distinguish between what is claimed and what is true.
  3. Even though our company was founded by former chemical engineers, and our partners are all parents, we do not pretend to know it all. We will keep our eyes on latest research and publications, and use our judgment and shared parental experience to ensure what we make is serving an unmet need.

Our first product, our 3-in-1 Diaper Care product, is just the beginning of our endeavor to help parents rethink the way they care for their babies' skin. We hope you'll join us on the journey ahead. 


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