Meet the New (But Still the Same) NOLEO

You have probably noticed a few changes since we first met.

We launched NOLEO just over six months ago, and we’ve learned so much from all of you already. Above all, we’ve been blown away by your support for the first diaper care product that makes natural parenting even easier. 

Who we are hasn’t changed, but we’re constantly looking for room to improve and ways to make parenting just a little less hard. So we have been hard at work, and working with many of you - via instagram, email, and out here in the real world -  making changes that make it easier to know you’re doing the right thing for your baby.

As the NOLEO family grows, we’re growing too  - and we are so excited to share with you the new NOLEO Diaper Cleanser and Moisturizer. In short, it’s the same great product, with a new look that better represents who we are and what we care about.

Meet our new logo and monogram.

Our new logo represents the primary components of our Cleanser and Moisturizer - oil and water. The oils we use deliver incredible moisturizing properties, while the water-based natural ingredients leave your baby’s skin balanced and clean. Though these ingredients are typically at odds with one another, NOLEO brings oil and water together to do amazing things - as does our new logo.

A Look and Feel that Fits into Every Room in the House

Babies may be cute and playful, but it doesn’t mean all the products they require have to be.

We wanted to be clear that research and science are at the core of our brand. From the product formulation to our focus on quality control to the customer service we provide - we want parents to understand and trust everything they see from us. So you won’t find cuddly critters and blinding colors on our packaging, but you will find a thoughtfully-designed diapering product that feels at home both in the nursery and in your living room. We think that’s pretty cool.

A Bottle Designed with Busy, Health-Conscious Parents in Mind

We’re tired of products that draw you in with buzzy marketing terms on the front, only to leave you squinting at the back trying to understand a laundry list of incomprehensible so-called ingredients. We’re parents too, and we don’t have time for that. Especially when we’re chasing toddlers through stores or shopping online at midnight.

Plus, parents deserve better. They deserve to know what’s in the products they put on their baby's diaper area, and why those ingredients are needed. That’s REAL peace of mind. So ALL the ingredients we use are listed right on the front, in an easy-to-read font and simple terms. No buzzwords allowed.

We also tell you what each ingredient is used for. It’s the most important thing we have to tell you, so it’s right on the front.

That’s the kind of transparency we think parents have a right to. We are the first to do it, but our hope is that this is the start of a movement that transforms the way personal care companies need to speak to customers. 

A Constant Focus on the Environment

We’ve moved from a label requiring ink, plastic, paper and glue to curing the ink directly on our bottle. The choice to use a label is typically cost-related, but we decided investing in the less wasteful approach was the smarter choice for our company and our planet, and our customers shouldn’t have to pay for common sense decisions. While this is just a small step forward in our journey, know that minimizing our impact - from production to our customers’ use - is a vital part of our mission.

Our bottle isn’t the only thing that got a makeover. We’ve reformulated the packaging and presentation of our Certified Organic Cotton Pads:

A More Versatile Size; Same Great Value

Our bags now contain 150 pads and we have adjusted our pricing accordingly. Given that our bottle contains approximately 150 pumps of our Diaper Cleanser and Moisturizer, we hope that we can make planning easier by better aligning the quantity with typical use of a bottle.

We have also adjusted the size of the pads to better match what we use them for. We have slightly increased the surface area to better deal with the messiest of diaper messes, while minimizing waste given that the majority of diapers will require only a portion of a pad. You’ll also find that the new pads are just a tad fluffier and softer on your baby’s dry skin. Diaper time with NOLEO is already pretty much like spa time for baby -and now even more so.

Easier Access and Storage

When you’re dealing with (the ever-growing mountain of) baby gear, space efficiency is key. Now our cotton pads come neatly piled in two stacks, in a smaller, more streamlined bag that will be easier to store. Plus, we think it’s pretty cute. We also wanted to make it easier to grab a small stack of pads and pop them into a storage container, bag, or pouch in various parts of the house or on the go. No more stacking by hand, unless you find that kind of thing calming - in which case, go right ahead.

Our work is far from done. We want your feedback and are listening everywhere you find us - from social media to Amazon. We will continue to answer any question and address any concern, and whenever we can, we’ll look to respond with product and service improvements. There’s a human behind everything you see from us, so please keep talking to us!

We’re also excited to share that we have even more product and service improvements on the horizon, some ready to roll out as early as next month! Here’s a hint as to what’s coming - we know you want an easier, more convenient way to bring NOLEO with you for on-the-go diaper changing, and have been hard at work on both short-term and long-term solutions. And want to gift NOLEO to an expecting bestie? We’re about to take the hassle out of that too. 

For now - let us know what you think of our new look! Leave us a message here or on instagram at @noleocare!


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