What’s in NOLEO® Diaper Cleanser and Moisturizer?

NOLEO® Diaper Cleanser and Moisturizer contains only 5 natural ingredients (excluding water) that each serve an important purpose in cleaning, moisturizing, and nourishing your baby’s skin. For more information on the purpose of each ingredient, click here.

Can it be used to clean POOp?

Yes, NOLEO® Diaper Cleanser and Moisturizer should be used to clean all soiled diapers for the best results. We recommend you remove as much of the poop as possible with the diaper first. Then, use our organic cotton pads or a reusable cloth wipe with NOLEO 3-in-1 Diaper Cleanser & Moisturizer as necessary to clean and protect the diaper area.

Are NOLEO® organic cotton pads made of 100% pure organic cotton, and certified as such?

YES, our cotton pads are made of 100% certified organic cotton and follow the Global Organic Standard ("GOTS"). We are organic certified by OneCert.

My baby’s skin looks greasy after application; is that normal?

This appearance is normal and intended. The sheen you see means your baby’s skin is being continually moisturized in between changes. This thin layer of product left behind serves as a protective barrier between the skin and urine or stool, shields skin from potential irritants, and reduces friction with the diaper.

How long does a bottle last?

This depends on the age of your baby and number and size of daily diapers. We recommend using only the product that is necessary for each change. A bottle would replace on average up to 150 regular baby wipes. Click here to see in more details how long a bottle would last on average.

What is the shelf life of a bottle?

A bottle should be used within 3 months of opening as we did not add any preservatives to our formula. The shelf life of our bottles before opening is 3 years from the manufacturing date. The expiration date of your product is printed on the bottom of the bottle.

What happens if I don’t shake the bottle?

The formula includes beeswax as a natural stabilizer to avoid the separation of ingredients. If you don’t shake the bottle, there is no risk to baby, but you may note some product separation on the pad.

How does this compare to competitor products made at home?

NOLEO® products are professionally manufactured in France, with the highest level of quality control. This significantly reduces risks often associated to human error during production. Also, the formula has been tested rigorously to ensure its safety and to reduce risks of contamination. Because NOLEO® was founded by engineers, focus has been on ensuring the safety, quality, and science-based purpose of every product it creates.



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