There is now a simple way to get rid of wet wipes, without the hassle of making your own.

So how many wipes do you end up saving then?

Number of months using NOLEO Number of wipes saved

1 month

~150 wipes saved

3 months

~ 500 wipes saved

1 year

~ 2,000 wipes saved

2 years

~ 4,000 wipes saved

And how long does a bottle last typically?

It really depends on the frequency of diaper changes, or if your baby has a particularly sensitive skin that requires extra prevention against diaper rashes on your baby's butt .

Baby's age Number of changes daily 1 bottle of NOLEO would last

0 to 1-month-old

10 to 12 diapers

~ 2 weeks

1 to 5 months old

8-10 diapers

2 to 3 weeks

5 to 12 months old

8 diapers

~ 3 weeks

Over 12 months old

5 to 7 diapers

~ 1 month

"If I could give this ten stars, I would. This stuff is what I consider liquid gold. Butt cleaning gold. "

- Ashley Newton