How to Become a Diaper Daddy: 5 Easy Ways Dads Can Bond With Their Breastfed Babies

If your partner is planning to exclusively breastfeed your baby, you might be worried about feeling left out. And it’s true that you have useless nipples (a fact your partner will have no problem reminding you of at 3 a.m.), but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty other ways you can contribute. Babies need so much more than food and can be soothed without breasts. Building a strong bond with your baby is super easy and will set the foundation for their future relationships. #nopressure


Talk to your baby.

Your baby recognizes your voice and finds it comforting and familiar. They heard you speaking from inside the womb (actually, they heard eeevvvvvverything from inside the womb). Sing songs, talk about what you are doing, share your dreams for their future. Or just start explaining what you do for a living to inspire a quick nap—like partner, like baby.

Offer objects for your baby to look at.

Age-appropriate objects, you weirdo. Although newborns can’t see very far or very well, your baby will enjoy looking at high-contrast objects. Choose toys in bright colors or black and white to hold baby’s interest.

Make faces.

Babies prefer to look at human faces over anything else. The best part? Your baby loves you and your face, even if it was better suited for radio. Combined with your familiar voice, making expressive or silly faces at your baby is sure to delight both of you!

Read books.

They're never too young for you to read to them. Start early and read favorites from your childhood, or keep yourself entertained by reading a children’s book that is actually for adults. Your newborn will be oblivious to the utterly inappropriate language, but we can’t guarantee the same for your mother-in-law. Proceed with caution.

Change diapers.

Social media likes to make it seem like dads can’t change diapers without sporting a hazmat suit, but we say @#$% that noise. Changing your baby’s diaper is a great time to strengthen your bond. Try our Diaper Cleanser & Moisturizer to make change time simple and safe! It replaces baby wipes, diaper creams, and newborn rashes moisturizer, giving you one product to cleanse and protect against butt rash and  diaper rash on your baby's butt—with only six ingredients.

Wear your baby.

Cool dad? Dad bod dad? Cargo shorts dad? Professional dad? You have unlimited options for infant carriers to suit your style. Enjoy the (literally) hands-free parenting you thought was only possible in your wildest daddy dreams by wearing your baby like the cute little accessory they are. By keeping your baby close, you'll create a strong bond for both of you (and be far less likely to forget them).

Enjoy your daily routines together.

Bath time, getting dressed, and daily errands can be made fun and silly. Babies learn through life, so the more you interact with, talk to, and engage your baby the better! Pro tip: bonding with your baby is, like, hella sexy too. And in these moments of sheer exhaustion, you’re gonna need all the brownie points you can get.

Just because you can’t feed your baby doesn’t mean you aren’t an integral part of your baby’s health and security. Not only will your relationship bloom and grow by taking an active role in your munchkin’s life, but your partner will also appreciate the support. Be the dad that other dads aspire to be. And, in true dad fashion, don’t ever let on how easy it is.

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