Why Choose Organic Cotton

It is better for you, our planet, and the farmers.

Better for the skin

Conventional cotton farming and chlorine-bleaching process may result in toxic chemical residues left on the final product, and ultimately get in contact with the skin. Not only can they cause irritations and other adverse skin conditions, but they can also be harmful to our long-term health.

100% Transparency

Our cotton is meeting the Global Organic Textile Standard ("GOTS"). To be certified as such, organic cotton must comply to very strict assessment and auditing criteria.

Better for our planet and the farmers

Non-organic cotton farming uses more pesticides than any other crops, representing 16% and 7% of the world's annual insecticides and pesticides production respectively. Chlorine is also commonly used in the bleaching process. Runoff of pesticides, fertilizers, and other toxic chemicals may result in the contamination of our rivers, lakes, wetlands.

Growing non-organic cotton exposes farmers to strong chemical agents, which are subsequently released into the environment, with adverse effects on entire ecosystems.


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"My little one was getting diaper rash from the wet wipes, so we switched to this with a creme...no more hollering from a cold wipe, and no more sore booty."
Lorie B.
2 APR 2020

"Makeup enthusiasts swear by the pricy shisedo cotton pads but these are better. Larger, just as soft, and certainly more durable."
Amanda Roberts
4 OCT 2019

"Wonderful for prepping the skin with Micellar water, or rose water. They are also great at taking an entire manicure off with just 1 cotton pad! Clients tell me how soft the pads are against the skin."
20 JUL 2019