"One of my favorite baby items! So gentle on the skin. Great for cleaning your baby after a blowout or getting in the cracks gently. Makes the skin so soft. Highly recommend!"


2 FEB 2020

"We’ve been using Noleo for a few months now and will never go back to regular wipes and rash cream! Not only is it natural and safe, but it’s so gentle on our daughter’s sensitive skin. It’s also so easy to use and it’s great to not have to get cream all over your fingers. I recommend it to all parents!"

Amazon Customer

31 DEC 2018

"This stuff is excellent for baby bottoms. We have used wipes, and we’ve used Noleo, and Noleo is far superior to any wipes. It wipes away poop like gangbusters, even the poop that seems to want to stick to baby’s butt. Since we’ve been using Noleo, we’ve not had a red bottom or diaper rash and it totally gets rid of the poop smell."


3 MAY 2019