About Us

We created NOLEO® because we believe the personal care industry is broken. Most diaper rash personal care products use 15, 30, or even more ingredients - most of which are unnecessary and have uncertain impacts on our bodies. Ingredient lists are designed to confuse us.

We believe that less is enough - and our bodies are healthiest when we use only what is necessary to protect and nourish them.

We will strive to make simple, safe, and effective products with no more than 6 ingredients. Everything we put in our products will be extensively researched. If there are potential or unknown risks associated with an ingredient, you won’t find it in our products.

Even more importantly, we’ll work hard to make sure you understand and feel good about every ingredient. In fact, you’ll find them all right on the front of the product, with the purpose they serve - in language anyone can understand. No buzzwords allowed.

Note from the Founder

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I’m Nico Chery, a French dad and chemical engineer raising two daughters in San Diego, California. When we were expecting our first child, I became concerned about the growing number of chemicals in our personal care products, and the lack of transparency in the personal care market.

I started NOLEO® because I think families deserve better.

Our 3-in-1 Organic Diaper Cleanser and Moisturizer is inspired by a proven product used and trusted by  millions of French parents, and contains only five natural ingredients. I hope we can help parents rethink the diaper change and make this so-called inconvenience of parenthood into a moment that promotes health and bonding.

Our Organic Cotton Pads are free of harmful chemical residues, typically found in conventional cotton. They have also been designed to be larger than your commonly found cotton pads/rounds to save you money and reduce waste! 

It’s just the beginning of my journey to help families more easily choose simple, healthy, and natural products to give their kids the best start to life.