Why Natural Diaper Care Products are Best for Babies

Back in the day, there was little transparency as to what went into our health products — and what the dangers of certain ingredients were. Over the past couple of decades, we’ve grown smarter as consumers, and companies have responded to calls for organic, natural products with healthier options. A great rule of thumb for conscientious consumers is to choose products that contain ingredients you can pronounce. Chemicals and artificial additives can wreak havoc on our health, and our babies are even more susceptible to health issues from unnatural products.

Babies are exposed to chemicals before they are even born. It’s impossible to completely prevent this from happening, since our world is flushed with chemicals from the get-go. However, while we can’t entirely control what environmental toxins come into contact with our babies’ skin on a daily basis, we can absolutely control the products we use to keep their skin healthy. Read on to discover why babies benefit from natural skin and diaper care and how to choose the best natural products for your little one.

What makes babies’ skin different?

Skin is the largest organ in the body. What we put on our skin doesn’t simply sit on the surface; it’s absorbed. Babies’ skin is far more sensitive and delicate than ours. As a result, it’s more permeable, allowing chemicals to easily and quickly sink below the skin’s surface. Babies are much more likely to experience bad reactions from some of the unnatural products that contain allergens, skin irritant and other toxins, and that could be harsh on the skin. Even introducing new foods to their diet can trigger changes in their stool, increasing their likelihood of developing diaper rash.

Why natural products are best suited for a baby’s skin

Sensitive baby skin is also more prone to dryness, and quite a few synthetic chemicals only have been found to dry out their skin further. Recent research even highlighted that some Synthetic ingredients can also be endocrine disruptors, which disrupt hormone levels and normal functions in the body. These disruptions could potentially lead to learning disabilities, diabetes, obesity, and other diseases.

There are many natural alternatives that don’t carry these risks. They are gentle enough for baby’s sensitive skin, yet effective enough to deliver the hydrating and soothing effects you want.

Are natural baby products better for the environment

A lot of synthetic ingredients have been created several decades ago, without really considering “clean chemistry” approaches. Indeed, many of those products have been oil/petroleum based while for many others, harmful bi-products are being released (eg.: formaldehyde). On the other end, the culture of natural ingredients has been evolving to become more and more sustainable. But also, key ingredients in personal care are now being grown organically, and are safer, less resource extensive, and not harmful for the farmers.

What are the best natural baby products?

When looking for the best natural skincare products for your baby, you should look for those with short ingredient lists with names that you can pronounce or have heard of. Most chemical ingredients that will irritate your baby’s skin will raise a red flag with complicated spelling. If a product is not transparent with their ingredients, it’s definitely a sign to stay far away.

You should also look for products that are certified organic, non-toxic, dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, and suitable for sensitive skin. It’s a long list, but it’s vital to vet your baby’s skincare products thoroughly to properly protect them. Not only will your baby be happy and healthy, but you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that you’re providing them with the skincare they deserve.

The NOLEO® difference

Unlike chemical-laden baby wipes, baby lotions, and diaper rash creams, NOLEO checks all of the boxes when it comes to natural ingredients. NOLEO® 3-in-1 Diaper Care products are formulated with 5 simple ingredients, EWG certified, and certified organic. Limewater cleans skin and balances pH, organic sunflower oil helps improve the skin barrier, organic olive oil nourishes skin, beeswax holds in moisture, and glyceryl stearate naturally bonds water and oils. We’ve dermatologically tested our products under a pediatrician’s care to ensure they are safe for all baby skin types. NOLEO is also the first 3-in-1 diaper care product to receive the Seal of Acceptance™️ from the National Eczema Association. Plus, our products are always eco-friendly, so you can purchase with a clean conscience.

When choosing a natural diaper care product for your baby, trust NOLEO to deliver clean ingredients that will soothe your baby’s skin and prevent symptoms of diaper rash.

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