Ultimate Guide to Natural Parenting

Natural Parenting is a rising trend amongst parents to cleanse their baby's products from toxic ingredients. Parents are starting to reach for natural products over traditional baby products because of the newfound health risks. However, even products deemed "natural" can still be too harsh on a baby's sensitive skin. Many companies advertise their product as "natural" to get customers to buy their products. However, the adverse effects their products' ingredients have on a baby's skin are harmful. A baby's skin is much more sensitive than our skin and needs truly natural, chemical-free, and non-toxicproducts to soothe their skin and prevent irritation.

How to Start Natural Parenting

Starting Natural Parenting can be intimidating if you don't know what you're doing. Doing research and reading ingredient labels is the first step to ridding your household of toxic products. Toxic ingredients in baby products are known for causing diaper rash and other skin irritations for your baby. Deadly ingredients such as phthalates, formaldehyde, and parabens are a few ingredients that are commonly found in baby skincare products.

Natural Parenting involves informing yourself of the dangers of chemical-laden ingredients and only using products with organic, natural ingredients. However, products deemed as natural still need to be thoroughly examined before you use them on your baby's skin. Try and look for labels that claim Certified Organic. If a product is Certified Organic, that means all ingredients in the product are 100% organic, which means it's safe for your baby's skin. If your baby suffers from eczema or dry skin, look for products that are moisturizing and don't contain any drying ingredients such as alcohol.

Natural Parenting begins with making small changes. Using a natural diaper rash cream like this and 100% biodegradable cotton pads are a few ways to remove toxicity from your diaper changing regime. By using safe and natural ingredients on your baby's skin, you're protecting your baby's natural microbiome. Look for products that specifically mention microbiome certified, keeping your baby's skin balanced and healthy. A general rule of thumb is the more research-backed certifications a product has, the more likely it will be healthier for your baby.

What Happens If You Continue to Use Toxic Products

You may be using toxic chemicals on your baby and not know it. Recent studies have shown that toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and phthalates can cause hormone disruption and irritation of the nose, eyes, and lungs. Another item to get rid of completely is baby wipes. Baby wipes such as Huggies contain over 90% plastic. You may not think of wipes as having chemically laden plastic in them; however, they can be irritating to a baby's sensitive skin and bad for the environment. . One thing to note is that even if the chemical dosage is low in a product, repeated exposure to these chemicals over time can lead to serious health issues.

What Makes NOLEO Different When It Comes to Natural Parenting

Here at NOLEO, we believe in the mantra of less is enough. We use the most natural and safe ingredients possible in our products and don't hide behind a long list of ingredients, claiming to be "natural." As engineers, we know what's harmful to a baby's skin and what isn't. We carefully selected FIVE ingredients to put into our products to ensure complete transparency and safety for your baby's skin. If you can't spell it, you won't find it in our products. The five ingredients we use in our products are limewater, sunflower oil, olive oil, glyceryl stearate, and beeswax. We specifically chose these ingredients because they nourish a baby's sensitive skin, prevent diaper rash, and keep their skin balanced.


Choosing natural skincare for your baby doesn't have to be difficult. At NOLEO, we do all the hard work for you. With two products such as our NOLEO 3-IN-1 Diaper Rash Cream and NOLEO Organic Cotton Pads, you can completely detox your diaper changing regime. We even have a subscribe and save option that gives you a discount per bottle! Don't wait until it's too late to change your baby's skincare Transforming your baby's skincare has never been easier with NOLEO's non-toxic, Certified Organic, non-irritating products!

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