These 5 Moms Swear By This Diaper Changing Solution

When you’re trying to find a diaper care solution for your little one, the process can be frustrating. It can seem like there are a million different options out there that all claim to be the best. Even when you think you’re doing everything by the book, your child’s sensitive skin can still break out in painful diaper rashes. So what’s a parent to do? Turn to the moms who have mastered the art of the diaper change, of course!

Experienced moms always have the 411 on what actually works. Whether it’s the perfect stroller or a must-have baby gadget, we trust moms to tell us what’s worth the hype — and what will end up collecting dust in the closet. Diaper care is no different. Sure, you could do the whole trial and error thing, but when it comes to the health of your baby’s skin, parents want the absolute best for their kids from the get-go.

Enter NOLEO®: the diaper changing solution that moms are calling the holy grail of diaper care products. NOLEO® is unlike any other diaper care product on the market. It handles the cleansing, moisturizing, and diaper rash cream stages of a diaper change — all in one 5-ingredient formula. Simply pump onto a soft cotton pad, wipe, and go!

Don’t believe us? Here’s what these 5 moms had to say about this diaper change miracle in a bottle.

1. @dinameetsworld

“I wish I had known about this product earlier.”

@dinameetsworld was doing everything by the book to prevent diaper rash and take care of her little one’s butt. When she realized that baby wipes were actually causing diaper rash, she stopped using them altogether. Then, she found the NOLEO® system. The soft, cotton pads were gentle on her baby’s bottom, while the natural formula of NOLEO 3-in-1 cleaned like a dream.

2. @mamato7_5here_2above

“ has been, like seriously, a game changer.”

Sometimes, your baby just has crazy sensitive skin. @mamato7_5here_2above knows the struggle — one of her triplets, Aleksija, got the sensitive genes. Luckily, she found NOLEO®, the solution that her daughter’s delicate skin was missing. The gentle formula has made her baby’s skin softer, healthier, and happier.

3. @themilkyhive

“The HOLY GRAIL for diaper rashes and sensitive skin.” 

When @themilkyhive tried using diaper rash creams on her baby’s butt — even the sensitive formulas — they didn’t do much to solve the problem. In fact, they only seemed to irritate her bottom more. After discovering NOLEO®, her diaper changing holy grail, her son has enjoyed safer diaper changes and waved goodbye to irritation! Plus, his bottom is softer than ever. Score.

4. @the.tannerfam

“I can’t recommend this enough.”

What does @the.tannerfam keep in her diaper bag (besides diapers, of course)? Cloth wipes, a wet bag (the kind with two pockets), and NOLEO 3-in-1. Not only do her diaper essentials allow her to cut back on waste, but they do a lot with a little. Since NOLEO® handles the job of baby wipes, lotion, and diaper rash cream, it’s the only diaper care product she needs to throw in her bag. Plus, the natural ingredients make it a no-brainer for her non-toxic lifestyle.

5. @thealymatei

“Basically, this product eliminates the use of wipes and creams. It’s all in one!”

On her cloth diapering journey, @thealymatei needed to rework her whole diaper care routine. Since her old diaper rash cream wasn’t safe to use with cloth diapers, she struggled to find an alternative that fit in with the cloth diaper life. Thankfully, NOLEO® saved the day! Its 5 organic ingredients are totally safe to use with cloth diapers.


Whether you’re a first-time mom or a seasoned pro who can’t seem to shake off diaper rash for good, take these 5 moms’ advice to heart: the NOLEO® diaper changing solution is a game changer. It’s natural, non-toxic, organic, and a great choice for sensitive skin. No more diaper rash pain, tears, or stress. With NOLEO®, you’ll be waving bye-bye to diaper change frustration for good!

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