The Ultimate Checklist for Traveling with a Baby

Taking your baby on a trip can be a nerve-wracking experience for parents. The last thing you want to do is forget an essential item, trapping you in a sticky situation. And while you can get most essentials on the go, no one wants to spend their vacation time shopping for baby items or purchasing products you already own. You also don’t want to overpack and tote along items you won’t actually use. The thought of it all is enough to make your head spin!

Luckily, traveling with your little one doesn’t need to be stressful. A smooth trip with a baby comes down to careful planning and packing. When you do the work leading up to your trip, the rest will (most likely) come easy! If you’re struggling to figure out exactly what to bring, use this ultimate checklist for traveling with a baby to best prepare for your trip.


If you have room in your luggage to pack enough diapers for your trip, great! If not, bring enough for a full day (or more) and buy the rest once you reach your destination. You may also want to bring a few plastic bags to place dirty diapers in, in case you find yourself without a trash can at any point.

Travel-sized diaper care

Keep it simple. Instead of bringing wipes, lotion, AND diaper rash cream, pack a 3-in-1 diaper care product for changes. The NOLEO® Travel Kit is our favorite option when we’re on the go. It includes a TSA-friendly bottle of NOLEO 3-in-1 Diaper Cleanser and Moisturizer, as well as a 25-count pack of soft cotton pads to wipe away messes. Best of all, NOLEO 3-in-1 treats and prevents diaper rash to keep your baby’s bum healthy during your trip.


Whether you’re traveling to the beach or the mountains, sunscreen is essential for protecting delicate baby skin. If your little one is still too young to use sunscreen, pack the necessary sun protection gear (long-sleeve shirt, hat, etc.) to keep their skin shaded.

Baby shampoo, soap, and lotion

Don’t forget bath time! Bring travel-sized bottles of your favorite baby shampoo, soap, and lotion with you. Babies’ skin is easily irritated, so it’s best to bring toiletries that you know work for your child.


Of course! Don’t forget a comb or brush to take care of their hair.

Baby carrier

When you’re lugging around bags and suitcases, it always helps to have a free hand. We love using baby carriers in the airport and the more hectic travel times.


A portable stroller is key while traveling. There are several models available that are great for carrying and storing on the go.

Car seat

You may or may not need a car seat, depending on your destination and mode of transportation. If you are flying, you might still need a car seat handy for driving to and from the airport. Consider your plans carefully, including how you’ll be getting around your final destination, when deciding whether or not to bring a car seat.

Travel crib

Travel cribs aren’t always necessary, but you may need to include it in your packing list. If you are staying at a hotel, most can provide a crib for you. If you are staying elsewhere, check to see if a crib is provided. This will prevent a huge headache after a long day of travel.

However, you might feel better knowing your child is sleeping on a surface that hasn’t come in contact with other children. You might also want your little one to feel the comfort of being in a familiar crib.


The amount of clothes you bring depends on the length of your vacation and whether or not you’ll have access to a washer and dryer. Hats, pajamas, shirts, onesies, pants, socks, shoes, and leggings are all great to have on your list regardless of your destination.  If you’ll be near a body of water, don’t forget a swimsuit or two.

Feeding essentials

Depending on the age of your child and your feeding habits, these will differ from parent to parent. Whether you breastfeed your child or use formula, bring along plenty of supplies to make the transition to vacation-mode seamless. You can find some great travel-friendly versions of feeding materials out there.

Pacifier or blankie

To keep your little one content on your journey, make sure to pack a self-soothing object like their favorite pacifier or blankie.

A toy or two

No need to bring your entire toy chest. However, bringing a couple of your child’s favorite toys can go a long way and keep them entertained during the vacation craziness.


This ultimate checklist for traveling with a baby will prepare you for a successful, stress-free trip! Before you take off, pick up a NOLEO® Travel Kit to keep your little one’s diaper area happy and healthy on the go. NOLEO 3-in-1’s minimal formulation packs 3 diaper care steps into 1 easy product, so you can pack less and take better care of your child’s skin!

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