So many uses with the NOLEO organic cotton rounds and pads!

Innovation can come from anywhere. This is what our founders have been observing. 

In this case, it comes from you, our families. When we started to investigate all potential uses for our cotton pads, we asked you , our families. And we were surprised to see so many creative ways of using our pads. 

The trigger for this investigation was when Nico's daughters started to ask for the NOLEO cotton pads to wipe their nose, instead of the traditional tissue paper. The two girls both noticed it was softer.

After asking all our customers how they used our cotton pads, this is what came up:

  1. As a nursing pad to absorb breast milk when there is a leakage
  2. As a gentle and natural alternative to other makeup remover pads
  3. As a dry wipe on baby's skin during a diaper change
  4. As a soft and natural option for cleaning a baby's delicate skin
  5. As a natural option for removing nail polish
  6. As a gentle exfoliator when used with a facial cleanser
  7. As a natural alternative to disposable pads during menstruation
  8. As a protective layer inside a bra to prevent irritation
  9. As a natural and gentle option for cleaning and removing dirt and oil from the face
  10. As a protective layer between the skin and a splint or cast.
  11. ... and of course as a replacement of traditional tissue for the nose.

And we are sure we only scratched the surface, so don't hesitate to leave in the comment section, or via a post on Instagram or TikTok how you are actually using our cotton pads and rounds :)

PS: being so popular, now we understand why we are always out of stock...

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