How to Prevent Diaper Rash While Traveling

Have you ever traveled with a baby who has a diaper rash? Trust us, it’s not fun for neither you nor the baby. However, there are products that can help prevent and eliminate diaper rash on the spot. When you’re traveling with a baby, you need convenient, minimal products that are going to soothe your baby’s irritated bottom and keep you calm throughout the trip.

Using products with simple ingredients you can pronounce and have a specific function is the way to go when preventing diaper rash and protecting the integrity of your baby’s skin. Less is more when it comes to baby skincare products. Minimal, organic ingredients that are meant to moisturize the skin will help build the microbiome and protect the skin from toxins. A microbiome is a defense mechanism formed on your skin once you exit the womb. The purpose of the microbiome is to decipher between good and bad bacteria, fight against infection, and strengthen the skin’s immune system.

It’s a well-known fact that commercial baby skincare contains cheap chemicals and toxins that can ruin a baby’s sensitive skin. Your baby’s skin microbiome is affected by these skincare products, causing skin irritations such as diaper rash. If the skin is repeatedly stripped with chemicals and toxins found in baby skincare products, the microbiome’s ability to protect the skin becomes weakened.

Traveling with an uncomfortable baby is every parent’s nightmare. Taking proactive steps to prevent and eliminate diaper rash will make the trip more enjoyable for both you and your baby. Keep reading to understand the causes and preventative measures for diaper rash and how to tackle diaper rash while traveling.

What Causes Diaper Rash?

Diaper rash has many causes. However, the most common causes of diaper rash are the products parents use when changing their baby’s diaper. This sounds ridiculous since these products are meant to clean and moisturize a baby’s bottom. However, there are many toxic chemicals found in common baby products that have been known to cause diaper rash.

For example, baby wipes are a common culprit of diaper rash. They’re made up of mostly plastic and chemicals which can irritate when rubbed against the skin. Another product to look out for is diaper rash cream. These creams are filled with toxic ingredients such as phthalates, parabens, and other chemical additives.

Another root cause of diaper rash is an ill-fitting diaper. If your baby’s diaper is too tight, it can cause chaffing which can lead to diaper rash. If your baby’s diaper is too loose, it can cause the diaper to move around and rub its bottom repeatedly. Diapers can also have ingredients in them that can cause irritation which can result in diaper rash.

Can Weather Affect Diaper Rash?

If you are traveling somewhere hot and humid, your baby might experience diaper rash. Humid environments are a breeding ground for diaper rash if not prevented properly. You want to make sure your baby’s diaper is breathable and allows tons of airflow. You also want to make sure your baby is dressed in lightweight clothing that isn’t tight and allows air to flow through. 

Products That Prevent Diaper Rash

When you’re on the road, it’s helpful to have products you can count on to relieve your baby’s diaper rash. You don’t want to be on a plane or in the car with a screaming baby. You’re also going to need to travel light because you don’t want to take twenty baby products just to change your baby’s diaper. What you need are a few organic, multi-purpose products and you’re good to go! 

Our NOLEOⓇ 3-in-1 Travel Kit is proven to relieve diaper rash immediately and prevent it completely. The travel kit comes with travel-size NOLEOⓇ 3-in-1 Diaper Rash Cream (3 oz) and Organic Cotton Pads (XL -25 count). This legendary duo is an excellent replacement for our regular size products, yet still provides the same non-toxic cleansing, moisturizing, and redness-preventing benefits! Our products contain only five ingredients specifically formulated to protect the integrity of your baby’s skin and microbiome. Keeping your baby’s skin healthy is our main goal and we prove that in our Certified Organic, Dermatologically Tested, Microbiome Friendly products. Even when you’re on the go, it never hurts to have NOLEOⓇ in your baby skincare arsenal.


Traveling with a baby is hard, but why make it worse with products that inherently cause diaper rash? Switching from traditional baby products to natural, organic products is one of the best things you can do for your baby’s skin. You’ll not only travel lighter but also protect your baby’s skin from harmful chemicals.

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