How to Handle and Prevent Diaper Blowouts

No parent enjoys cleaning up a diaper blowout, but it’s a rite of passage that comes with having a baby. They occur when loose stool escapes a baby’s diaper, resulting in messy leakage that’s a pain to deal with. However, there are a few key tips for handling diaper blowouts — and better yet, preventing them!

The best wipes for cleaning a diaper blowout

Contrary to popular belief, the best wipes for cleaning up big messes aren’t your standard wet wipes. Although the ingredients that make baby wipes “wet” are meant to clean your little one’s skin, the moisture also makes it more difficult to clean up poopy messes. Baby wipes will eventually get the job done, but you’ll go through a lot of them. And with each wipe, your baby’s skin becomes more susceptible to irritation, dryness, and diaper rash.

Instead, try using a soft cotton pad with a pump of a gentle, moisturizing cleanser, like NOLEO 3-in-1. Large cotton pads cover your hand to minimize contact with the mess and get the job done quicker. Plus, the cotton material does a better job of picking up every last bit than baby wipes do! All in all, they give you a quicker, better, and more sanitary clean, so you can get back to living your life — and protect your little one’s skin in a snap. Lastly, NOLEO cotton pads come in a large size and extra large size so you can choose the right size for every diaper change. Pro tip: the extra large cotton pads work best for messy jobs!

Steps for cleaning a blowout with NOLEO®

  1. Start by removing your baby’s dirty clothes and throwing them in the washing machine or a plastic bag. If you have stain remover on hand, it’s a good idea to apply it as soon as possible to increase the likelihood of spots coming out.
  2. Place your little one on a changing table or another clean, sanitary surface. We recommend laying out a washable towel or pad to make cleanup easier.
  3. Next, add a pump of NOLEO 3-in-1 Cleanser and Moisturizer to one of our soft, organic cotton pads. Since NOLEO 3-in-1 treats and prevents diaper rash, you won’t need to worry about the poopy mess leading to irritation.
  4. Then, start wiping! Use as many pumps of NOLEO 3-in-1 and cotton pads as you need to get the job done. Have a plastic bag or diaper trash can on hand to toss out the dirty wipes.
  5. If the poop gets on your little one’s hands, make sure to wash them with soap. For big blowouts, you may want to rinse off your child — especially if the mess has reached their hair or face. However, using the NOLEO® system allows you to get a better clean even without a bath.
  6. Finally, apply a fresh diaper. Now that they’re all cleaned up with NOLEO®, your baby is protected from diaper rash and ready to

Ways to prevent future blowouts

When you have a baby, dealing with diaper blowouts is inevitable. However, there are a few ways to help minimize the likelihood of diaper messes. Use these tips to prevent diaper blowouts whenever possible!


  • Fasten their diaper properly — Your little one’s diaper needs to fit just right in order to stop leakage without being uncomfortable for them. The top of the diaper should be fastened around their waist, and the cuffs should lay on the outside of their legs. You should be able to fit two fingers under the waistband and cuffs.
  • Use the right size diaper — Even with top-notch fastening skills, a diaper that’s the wrong size will result in leaks. Baby diaper sizes go according to weight, so make sure to keep track of that number and go up to the next size when necessary.
  • Find the diaper brand that fits best — Different brands of diapers have different fits. It may take some trial and error to find the one that fits your little one best. If you’re seeing frequent blowouts while doing everything else right, it might be your sign to switch diaper brands.


Every parent needs to know how to handle and prevent diaper blowouts to avoid mess when possible. Using the NOLEO® system and cotton pads to clean up your little one is the best way to deal with a blowout quickly and efficiently. You can also help prevent future blowouts by ensuring your baby’s diaper fits just right!

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