How do you stop a diaper rash overnight?

Here are some steps you can take to help treat and prevent diaper rash: Keep the diaper area clean and dry:

1/ Change diapers frequently and use a gentle, unscented baby wipe to clean the area thoroughly. Be sure to pat the skin dry rather than rubbing it.

2/ Allow the skin to air out: Whenever possible, allow your baby to go without a diaper for a short period of time to let the skin breathe and heal.

3/ Use a protective barrier: Apply a thin layer of diaper cream, ointment, to the diaper area to create a barrier between the skin and the diaper. This can help to protect the skin from irritation and moisture. This is with this mindset that we have developed NOLEO 3-in-1 so you could clean, while leaving on the skin a protective layer.

4/ Choose the right diaper: Experiment with different brands and types of diapers to find one that works best for your baby's skin.

5/ Avoid using fragranced products or detergents that could be irritating to the skin. It is better for the product to have a funny smell, than containing fragrance and allergens. This is real baby care :)

6/ Check for other causes: If the diaper rash persists despite your efforts, it is a good idea to consult a healthcare provider to rule out other potential causes, such as a yeast infection or sensitivity to certain products. 

It is important to remember that diaper rash can take time to heal, and it may not disappear overnight. However, by taking steps to keep the diaper area clean and dry and using a protective barrier, you can help to reduce the severity and duration of the rash.

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