Can Baby Wipes Cause Diaper Rash?

Sensitive baby skin is very susceptible to diaper rash, which presents as red, irritated patches of skin in the diaper area. Their bottoms come in contact with wet and dirty diapers every day, and this prolonged contact is a surefire way to have a case of diaper rash on your hands. However, several other factors go into the equation of how susceptible your child’s skin is to diaper rash. Understanding the full picture of what causes diaper rash can help you prevent irritation and protect your little one’s skin.

One of the most common diaper care products, baby wipes, are used by parents daily to clean up messes quickly and easily. But hospitals are beginning to discontinue use of this popular product after noticing consistent cases of diaper rash associated with the wipes. So what’s the deal — and do baby wipes actually cause diaper rash?

What are the main causes of diaper rash?

If you’ve already brought your bundle of joy into this world, you’re probably very familiar with the triggers of diaper rash. Some of the main causes of this red, pesky rash include…

  • Unchanged diapers and prolonged contact with dirty diapers
  • Yeast or bacterial infections
  • Changes in diet
  • Too-tight diapers or clothes
  • Sensitive skin reactions to fragrances, dyes, or harsh chemicals

Some baby wipes contain fragrances and harsh chemicals. If you use baby wipes, they could be what’s leading to irritation in your little one’s diaper area. No matter what your baby’s skin type, the genital area requires the safest care possible to keep it healthy.

Do baby wipes make diaper rash worse?

After using baby wipes, you may notice increased irritation or burning in the diaper area. This boils down to the ingredients in wipes. Some wipes are made with harsh chemicals or fragrances that can disturb sensitive skin. Not only that, but they break down the skin’s natural barrier. Without a healthy skin barrier, your child’s skin is more prone to redness, irritation, and yes, diaper rash. So, while baby wipes technically don’t cause diaper rash, the effects of wipes can make diaper rash more likely for your child.

Baby wipes can also disturb your little one’s skin microbiome, the diverse ecology of microorganisms that lives on the surface of the skin. The skin microbiome is constantly working to maintain the balance of good and bad microorganisms. For example, the skin bacterium Staphylococcus epidermidis keeps the skin with antimicrobial-peptides healthy and maintains pH balance. When the skin microbiome becomes unbalanced, irritation is more likely to occur and your little one becomes more susceptible to diaper rash.

What’s a safe alternative to irritating baby wipes?

While not all baby wipes contain harsh chemicals, we recommend opting for a gentle diaper cleanser with a minimal formulation paired with cotton pads. Soft cotton is perfect for wiping away messes, while a minimal formulation won’t irritate the sensitive diaper area. NOLEO 3-in-1 Cleanser and Moisturizer effectively cleans, hydrates, and treats diaper rash while preventing future flare ups. Simply add a pump of NOLEO 3-in-1 to a soft, organic cotton pad and wipe! Some diaper changes require more wipes than others, but one is generally enough for most changes. 

NOLEO® is certified microbiome friendly

Plus, NOLEO 3-in-1 Diaper Care is certified microbiome friendly, unlike other baby products that use ingredients like fragrances, alcohols, preservatives, and grapefruit seed extract. Our product was submitted to MyMicrobiome and tested safe for both infant and adult microbiomes. As the world’s first microbiome test, they’ve brought further clarity to the safety of our products — and have brought NOLEO® customers peace of mind. We use 5 organic ingredients that are gentle on baby’s skin and safe for their skin microbiome. These ingredients restore and strengthen the skin barrier to ward off diaper rash and heal existing rashes within a matter of hours.

NOLEO® has also been awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance™, since we formulate NOLEO 3-in-1 without known irritants to eczema-prone skin. With our gentle and effective ingredients, it’s safe to say that NOLEO® is setting the standard in the best alternatives to chemical-laden baby wipes — and preventing diaper rash!


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