Our Guarantee

Guarantee on products purchased from our online store

At NOLEO®, we guarantee your absolute satisfaction.

We don't even require you to return the product. No waiting, no hassles, and no problems. 

We want our business to be built on the satisfaction of our loyal customers and we want you to be one of them. 

Within 30 days of the receipt date:

We hope you’re happy with our product(s), but if for any reason you aren’t satisfied, send us a message within 30 days of the receipt date for an exchange or refund.

Please make sure to include your order number and a brief description why you are not completely satisfied, and whether you want an exchange or refund.

We will then exchange or refund your product(s) based on your stated preference and use the feedback for future improvements.

After 30 days of the receipt date:

After 30 days, we will only accept returns or exchanges in cases of manufacturing defect.

Guarantee on products purchased from another online store

If you are not satisfied with your purchase from another online store, please contact the retailer directly, as we have specific return policies with all of our distributors.